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Supershine's Global presence and expertise in cross border logistics enables the delivery of consistent products worldwide. Customer service teams in Ghana, Mauritius, India and UAE co-ordinate all global activities. Refinish products that are both functional and are more environment friendly in terms of VOC limits."

Supershineproducts are exported to over 20 countries around the world. "Flying across the globe to meet our customers and conducting on-site research on what is relevant and valuable to them is an important part of our service culture.", says our Export Sales Manager. This practice allows us to work closely with them to truly understand their business and their requirements.

In 2013, a global alliance was formed between Cresta Paints Group(CPG) active in West Africa, East Africa and Asia. These three companies are now the Cresta Paints Group companies actively involved in promoting Supershine Brand in Africa and Asia.

A new entity is under development in Middle East for exploring the GCC countries and Middle East countries market.

Together as a Group, these companies form an international partnership which provides high-performance coatings and technical expertise that meet global specifications. Each product is locally produced and supported thanks to the network which spans these continents of Africa and Asia.


Spanning the globe. Our network extends beyond our three companies through subsidiaries, affiliates, global licensees, and technical partners. CPG can provide you the benefit of worldwide expertise.

Shared innovation. Combining the resources of our companies allows us to offer the latest innovation in the industry.

Consistency in formulation. We maintain stringent quality standards within the network. Formulations developed in one part of the world are guaranteed to achieve identical quality and performance when made by any of our partners.

Regional manufacturing and supply. Now more than ever, it's key to have reliable local supply, wherever you intend to manufacture. You can be assured our global network will meet your exact specifications wherever our products are produced.

Global technical support. We know that our work doesn't stop once the paint is shipped. Rest assured that our experienced technical support staff will be there to assist you.

Respect for the world around us. Our responsibility extends beyond our customers, to the world around us and we strive to minimize the environmental impact of our business. You can be sure our products fulfill all environmental and safety requirements.